Informations for authors

Preparing the manuscript

Authors may prepare their manuscript using a standard word processor (Libreoffice, MSWord,…) or Latex. Once the article is accepted for publication, the final version of the file will have to be built with the epidemes office templates (epidemes_template_FR/EN.docx) or, in the case of Latex, the epidemes latex templates (epimath.sty, epiarticle.cls, epidemes_template_FR/EN.tex). References should follow the APA style, which requires, in the case of Latex, the use of bibtex and the apacite package. This will produce the following result: epidemes_template_EN.pdf

Submission procedure

The procedure consists of the following steps:

  • upload the article on an open archive (HAL or arXiv);

  • log in on the journal website by clicking on the button on top right of the screen (this step requires to have/create an Episciences or HAL account);

  • click on the button "Submit an article" and follow the instructions. Please note that the Document identifier field has to be filled in with the number of the HAL/arXiv identifier only (e.g. 1601.00000 instead of arXiv:1601.00000).

Detailed information is available here.

Once the article has been submitted, and until the final decision has been taken by the editorial board, the authors can see its status through "My account / My submissions". Every communication between the authors and and the journal is on the platform, which keeps track of them.

Copyright and Open-access

No right transfer is signed with the authors, who keep the property rights of their article.

The published articles are freely available on the journal website, without any cost for authors or readers.